Welcome to Mucicbot: NCS Live Stream Radio. Our NCS 24/7 Gaming Music Live Stream uses the best of NoCopyrightSound song and mixes of popular EDM songs. Feel free to use our Electronic Radio for gaming music or anything you want. COMMAND: !coin : Shows how much coin you have. You can use coins to request songs. Talk friendly in live chat to get more coin. !give : Give coin to some one you want. Ex: !give 100 @Musicbot. Amount your can give is 1/10 of your coin. !queue : queue length and current request cost !donate : show donation info in live chat, don't use super chat for big amount !song (artist - song name) : use to search song status, song name in our playlist. Ex: !song vexento home !search some thing to search: Use to search song in playlist with struct: artist - songname. Example !search Alan Walker Fade !play (artist - songname): Use this to request a song. When your requested song is added to queue, the amount of coins you have will decrease. Ex: !play Alan Walker - The Spectre. When u dont remember artist name, use song name only. Ex : !play Energy You can search song name in our playlist: https://goo.gl/8ZVNzp Background picture: http://1041uuu.tumblr.com/ Thank to NCS and all Artist for best music. Music providing by NCS, GoblinsFromMars,TheFatRat,Tobu,K-319,Alan Walker: Follow NCS: • http://soundcloud.com/NoCopyrightSounds • http://instagram.com/NoCopyrightSounds • http://facebook.com/NoCopyrightSounds • http://twitter.com/NCSounds GoblinsFromMars: https://www.youtube.com/GoblinsFromMars TheFatRat: https://www.youtube.com/TheFatRat Tobu: http://youtube.com/tobuofficial Contact Us: https://telegram.me/ncshour